TAWI has delivered lifting equipement to Systembolaget since 1997.

Systembolaget (the Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly) recognizes the value of staff wellbeing. They have been monitoring staff wellbeing through regular surveys for years and have good Resources for evaluating efficacy of different interventions. TAWI have been delivering lifting equipment to Systembolaget for many years and we are proud to be part of creating an ergonomic and safe work environment for their staff.

Together with the ergonomic experts from Systembolaget we have developed special versions of our vacuum lifters VacuEasylift and VacuCobra. A special suction foot has been designed to handle Systembolaget's heavy and fragile wine boxes. The company also use our electric lifting trolley Protema, adapted to suit their specific needs, for lifting pallets and boxes.

At TAWI we develop innovative products that protect backs, knees and shoulders from injuries and long term problems caused by repeated manual lifting. An investment in a TAWI vacuum lift pays for itself. The system is easy to install and can be adjusted to suit the requirements of different industries. With TAWI vacuum lifts, lifting is ergonomic, safe and efficient.

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